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Royal Blue seeks to engage clients in the following industries.

Transportation & Logistics

  • Royal Blue has extensive experience in the Transportation & Logistics industry. Our Partners have served at the executive level of a Fortune 500 transportation company, executed many acquisitions and divestitures in the sector and actively conduct ongoing industry research for our clients.
  • Royal Blue’s industry knowledge and experience allows us to craft effective and creative solutions that best serve our clients.

Agribusiness & Food

  • Over the last five years, Royal Blue has completed multiple transactions in the agribusiness & food sectors. These transactions included private placements, buy-side and sell-side advisories, restructuring advisories and consulting to achieve growth and diversification.
  • Royal Blue utilizes a vast external network of resources associated with the production side of food and agriculture.

Midwest-based Businesses

  • Royal Blue has worked with companies from virtually every industry and leverages its broad experience across multiple industries to bring creative solutions to its clients. While Royal Blue tends to focus its efforts in a few key industries, we are well-suited to assist clients in any industry as they evaluate their strategic alternatives.